Welcome to Delhi Public School, Mysore Road, (West Bangalore)
Delhi Public School, Mysore Road, (West Bangalore) is a sister school of Delhi Public School, Whitefield run by the Praxy Fernandes Memorial Trust, under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society, Delhi.
The motto of Delhi Public School is ‘Service before Self’ and it is dedicated to providing ‘education with equity’. This successful model of school aims to provide excellence in education at an affordable cost to children from all sections of society.

Encourage Reading

Reading encourages vocabulary development and learning in general by widening a reader’s experienc

Story telling workshop:

Stories are one of the medium through which we communicate. It provides immense scope for learni

Visit to Big Banyan tree:

The pre-primary students visited big banyan tree and Karthik farms & nursery as part of their ou




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